"Sa Kambas ng Lipunan" - Inside Society's Canvas

By Wally Arida

Joey Velasco produced and narrated this stirring video we received from a reader, Levi Avena from Manila, Philippines. It's about an artist who wanted to paint the Last Supper of Jesus. He put his brush to canvas and came up with a masterpiece - but it turned out to be more than just an ordinary work of art.

Instead of surrounding Jesus with the twelve apostles, the artist surrounded our Lord with twelve impoverished, hungry children. These children were not figments of his imagination. They were real people living real lives. And each child dwelt on the verge of hopelessness and despair.

What started as a quest to paint a masterpiece turned out to be a heart-tugging and stirring look at our society and the effect these twelve seemingly meaningless lives have on the life of the artist and hopefully upon each one of us.

This is the most stirring story I have ever come across. Watch this video and ask yourself what you have done for the least of our brethren lately.

I will stop talking now and let this video tell its own story. May it touch your live as much as it has touched mine.