This Thanksgiving Day, I am thankful to God for....

This Thanksgiving Day, we find ourselves taking stock of our lives and the past year. And we find ourselves reflecting on the many good things in our life we feel we need to be grateful for - family, good health, jobs, good grades, friends, a warm bed to sleep on, love, and more.

Our lives will never be perfect . And good things will always co-exist with the unfortunate things. That's just the way life is. But still, there are many things God has blessed us with, many things He has given us - small things and big things - that we can be truly thankful for.

So I thought I should post this blog and encourage you all to share with us and the rest of the world the things, people, and events in your life that you are most thankful for.

Let us make this blog a showcase of gratitude to our Lord. Without Him we are nothing and we have nothing. Everything is done according to His will - in His time. Let's say "Thank you" to God.

What is it that you are most thankful for? Share it with us today.

And please pass this article forward to everyone on your e-mail list so we may be able to share our individual blessings with each other.