This Thanksgiving Day, I am thankful to God for....

This Thanksgiving Day, we find ourselves taking stock of our lives and the past year. And we find ourselves reflecting on the many good things in our life we feel we need to be grateful for - family, good health, jobs, good grades, friends, a warm bed to sleep on, love, and more.

Our lives will never be perfect . And good things will always co-exist with the unfortunate things. That's just the way life is. But still, there are many things God has blessed us with, many things He has given us - small things and big things - that we can be truly thankful for.

So I thought I should post this blog and encourage you all to share with us and the rest of the world the things, people, and events in your life that you are most thankful for.

Let us make this blog a showcase of gratitude to our Lord. Without Him we are nothing and we have nothing. Everything is done according to His will - in His time. Let's say "Thank you" to God.

What is it that you are most thankful for? Share it with us today.

And please pass this article forward to everyone on your e-mail list so we may be able to share our individual blessings with each other.


  1. I thank God for my wonderful children. They are the reason I work hard. I live for them. And I thank Jesus for keeping them safe.

  2. Anonymous10:51 AM

    I am thankful for my loving wife, Doris. Thank you for hanging there with me through our ups and downs. I love you.

  3. J. Summers, Chicago10:55 AM

    I thinks God for my new job. I've been unemployed for over a year and in July of this year, I was blessed with a new job. I thank God for that. Thank you.

  4. E. Miller-Saenz3:03 PM

    I am thankful for my good health. Even though I may be advancing in age and the bones are beginning to creak, I thank God I am still not suffering from any major sickness and that I am better off than others who are less fortunate than me.

  5. Jimmy from Singapore3:05 PM

    I am thankful for my parents who still love each after 25 years of marriage. I pray I have a loving marriage like them in my older years.

  6. Anonymous8:53 PM

    This year, i'm thankful for the recent birth of our Jordyn Marie, my first grand baby girl, bouncy and all. I am greatful to GOD for sending an angel to our family, and pray that we bring her up according to HIS will.

  7. Anonymous11:01 AM

    It is difficult to find one thing, I have so many blessings to be thankful for. My family which is my daughter, and 2 granddaughters who are my life. My son in law for having a good business and keeping me employed. My health, my friends and all my sisters and their children. I love them all.
    Thank you Lord for making my life so full of happiness.

  8. Wally Arida11:01 AM

    Thank you, Lord, for giving me another chance to put my life back on track. I thank you for surrounding me with people who love me. I thank you for giving me the health and the never-ending energy to do the mission of evangelization you have graciously allowed me to pursue. And thank you for allowing me to wake up every morning with a smile on my face.

  9. Of all the most precious blessings I am thankful for is the gift of life. Each day when I awake I thank the Lord for another day. In the gift of life I am able to help people, be present to my family and I am surronded by people who care for one another. My husband and daughters of course are a special blessing in themselves.

  10. Thankful? For what?
    For a loving wife who still loves me even in my old age?
    For two loving sons who love to swallow one with the "old man" now and again?
    For those same two sons and wife who don't think that money is the fuel of life?
    For ancestors and parents who carried God's message into my soul by word and deed?
    For a sister who listened to her older brother and told the doctors to leave her alone so that she could go to her Divine Father in peace?
    You don't want me to go on, you get the idea. Thank you, God, for not abandoning me.

  11. Eddie D.O.G. (Disciple Of God)2:05 PM

    ...the gift of God Himself. For God in all His beauty and all His majesty. For all good things that can only come from God Himself. I am also thankful for the opportunity God has given me to know Him, to love Him, & to serve Him.
    Eddie D.O.G. (Disciple Of God)
    Los Angeles, California

  12. Anonymous1:45 PM

    I am thankful for all the blessings in my life, 2 wonderful children--my rock!, supportive families and friends, good health and good job. I praise God for everyday that He gives me. We should be thankful for every minute of breath that our Lord gives us! Happy Thanksgiving to All!

    Chino Hills

  13. Dolores11:14 AM

    I thank God for having blessed me with such a beautiful daughter and now I have 2 gorgeous granddaughters. I cannot mention all the thanks for God being there through my life and making me the happy person that I am today. Without him there is no happiness. Thank you Lord.

  14. I thank God for setting me on the path to becoming a teacher and the strength to complete the task. I am thankful for a wonderful support group and awesome Church. I am thankful for my family - my husband and children and my friends.

  15. Anonymous1:33 PM

    I do not have much. My work has been slow for several months now. But I still remain thankful. I know the Lord provides and I do not question his actions for me. I am still thankful that I can make my life happy with whatever modest means I have available. God bless everyone this Thanksgiving Day.

  16. Ferdie1:05 PM

    Times are tough. But there are many people who are suffering lives worse than mine. I thank God for keeping me afloat during these trying times. I have a roof over my head, food on the table and a loving daughter to share it with. Thank you, Lord.

  17. Anonymous11:53 AM

    Thank you, Lord, for the opportunity to serve you and your people everyday.