... as I gave my 13-year-old daughter a tight birthday hug

Today is my daughter's birthday. She turns 13. She's a teenager! My baby is a teenager!

She and I have a party planned for this Saturday. She has invited all her friends. And this party will be complete with a giant inflatable bouncer, all her favorite food, cakes, drinks and all the trimmings.

But that's two days away. Today is the day when thirteen years ago - at the hospital's delivery room - I held her for the first time in my hands and told her how much I loved her.

As soon as I woke up this morning, I crept downstairs and secretly tucked the birthday card I had so carefully chosen yesterday for her. I had also written on the card my own personal message to her. I told her in my note that Daddy will always be around to help her with any challenges she may experience in life now that she has entered her teen years. I also told her that I will always love her.

I think she saw me place the card in her backpack. And she probably pretended not to see me, so as not to spoil the fun.

Then I hugged her and greeted her a very happy birthday.

She smiled and hugged me back. A very tight hug. A very loving hug.

No words were spoken. But I could feel the love.

God was with us at that very moment.

Happy Birthday, baby. I love you.

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  1. I'm sitting here crying because I have just read my comments on "Who do you say I am?" and I read your story about your 13 year old daughter. I never had a daughter and we figure that it is God's desire now that we should leave their mission and ours up to Him.

    Remember that hug. Repeat it every year for the next 50, and you will realize every new year that it is God that you and she are feeling.

    Thanks for the blessing.

  2. taritz7:40 PM

    I have only known you for about, 6 months now, and though i only see you & Kiia together ocasionally,i have always admired how you take care of her. You always remind me of my dual role for my 4 children, and if i am providing them the right amount of love & understanding.
    Kiia is trully blessed, and thank GOD for FATHERS like you...