... when my son and I bonded

God was with me today. My 18-year-old son spent the whole day with me. We haven't been really close and our moments together have been far and in between and always awkward. But today, he and I had a great time together. We connected. What a wonderful feeling for a father to finally feel that the wide gap with his teen son was finally getting bridged. Thank you God for making the connection I have so longed for happen today.
-- Ben from Boulder, CO


  1. Anonymous10:30 PM

    It's really hard for us teens to connect with our dads. But they should know we love them. We just don't tell them as frequent as we should. They should just know that we do.

  2. Beatrice Soros9:03 PM

    I am in my 60s and I wish I had chosen to spend more time with my father. Maybe I wasn't looking hard enough for God when he was still alive.